Szkolenie - "Design the life you love"

Szkolenie - "Design the life you love"

Training Course Desing the life you love

The aim of the TC is developing the creative competencies of 24 European youth workers to equip them with the tools to enhance the employability of the youth they serve.


1. Increasing the knowledge of the participants as to what creativity actually is, who is creative, and how to unleash their own creative potential by learning the elements of creativity, creative competencies sought after by employers, and using creativity and innovation for employability.

2. Developing skills of the participants to overcome fear, embrace creativity, unblock their creative potential for professional development, and formulate goals for their professional futures.

3. Increasing the awareness of the participants on the importance of creativity for professional futures and employability, and recognizing that creativity is more than just using the arts.


Urszula Malińska-Mark

Undaunted optimist, looking for good sides in every situation - according to the principle that "nothing happens without reason". She has more than 10 years of experience in project management and designing learning paths, working as a trainer in an international environment. Values the most in professional life-creating ambitious and challenging projects. The most interested in - what seems impossible to do. Design Thinking Trainer Enthusiast of using creativity and art as educational tools.

Aleksandra Szmurlik-Dominguez

She started her work as a facilitator while volunteering in Belgrade. For the past 10 years, she has been working in NGOs as a project coordinator and trainer. She coordinated long-term projects, designed and facilitated the learning process for participants. As a volunteer coordinator, her main task was to plan the volunteers' learning process. She prepared and then provided them with the workshops and training they needed for personal and professional development. She currently works as a project manager at a university and also serves as vice president at the Step Forward Foundation.

Honorata Szymkiewicz

Graphic designer and IT specialist - under study. Also a therapist using elements of art therapy in her daily work. A person with many years of experience working in the field of graphics, creating numerous graphic projects for her organization, dealing for years with the management of FB, Instagram and the organization's website (including creating websites from scratch for projects and organizations). Providing training in the field of graphics- posters and the use of platforms such as Canva and Prezi.

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